Mungrisdale & Bannerdale Crags

Wednesday 1 May. Rain was forecast for the middle of the day but I thought that I would take a chance with this 6.4 mile walk and 1,860ft of ascent.I started from the village of Mungrisdale in sunshine and quickly encountered another steep hill which went on relentlessly until I reached the summit of Bowscale Fell at 2,270ft. There then followed a short descent before another climb to Bannerdale Crags at 2,200ft. All the while, I was battling into a strong and cold westerly wind.
The descent was interesting as there was no path to follow as I made my way across open fellside. Eventually I came to the path which runs alongside the oddly named River Glenderamackin. It was here that it started to rain for the next hour or so, only stopping as Mungrisdale came into sight. Another Wainwright ticked off but not a walk that I’d care to repeat as it was rather featureless & not very interesting.


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