Hopegill Head

Tuesday 30 April. My caravan site just outside of Keswick in the Lake District seems to be in a communications black hole without wi-fi nor a mobile phone signal. These updates will therefore have to be produced on my tablet which I can carry around with me and send from wherever I can find a wi-fi connection. The only saving grace is that I can connect to Sky’s satellite so I can watch the football whilst I’m away from home.

I don’t know why I do this to myself, jumping in the deep end, instead of easing myself in gently. Today’s walk up to Hopegill Head (2,500ft) may only have been 6 miles with a total ascent of 2,100ft but god was it steep! Right from the off, I found myself climbing what seemed like a 1-in-3 grassy bank which took me to Ladyside Pike (2,300ft). This was then followed by a rock climb to Hopegill Head. All of this effort was rewarded by a great ridge walk to Whiteside (2,340ft).

All that remained was to walk the 2,000ft or so downhill back to the car. This might sound easy but it took me almost as long to go down as it did to climb up. Nevertheless, it was a great if challenging walk with another couple of Wainwrights ticked off.


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