Thursday 18 April. Wow, what a night! The forecast was for gusts of 65mph and for once they weren’t wrong. At 9:30pm on Wednesday night there was a very real danger of the wind ripping my caravan awning to bits. The ground pegs holding it in place had pulled out and it was flapping about like a sail. There was no other option but to get out there and take it down before any serious damage was done. I took it down as quickly as I could and stuffed it on the back seat of the car overnight until the storm had subsided and I could see what I was doing in the clear light of day. The winds howled all night and needless to say, I got very little sleep.

Back to the walking. Today’s walk was 8 miles with 1,700ft of ascent starting from Settle. There was an incredibly steep climb out of the town before we dropped down to the pretty village of Langcliffe. A narrow country lane then led us to the side of Stainforth Scar where another steep climb was to follow.

A short diversion to Catrigg Force provided a fantastic spot for lunch. The heavy overnight rain meant that there was a good flow of water making a spectacular sight and, being in a steep sided cutting, it also provided a welcome respite from the still strong winds.

Much of the remainder of our route was in a southerly direction and straight into the teeth of a gale. Added to more climbs, this made the walking all the more difficult but nevertheless, still enjoyable in superb limestone country.


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