The Howgills

Wednesday 10 April. I thought that I’d break new ground today with a walk on the northern end of the Howgills. A quick drive up the M6 took me to Tebay from where I had something of a white-knuckle drive along a single track country road to the start of my walk. The weather had improved a little from yesterday which added to the enjoyment of this 6.2 mile walk with 2,540ft of ascent.

I have to say that it was one of the hardest walks that I’ve done for quite some time and in countryside so remote that I never saw another soul. It took me 4¾ hours to complete the walk and whilst I had two brief stops, the time taken is a testament to the degree of difficulty of this walk. I saw numerous dead sheep along the way and this got me wondering as to what my fate might have been in the event of an accident as I doubt that there would have been a phone signal and that there would be few, if any, passers-bye.

The walk started with a fairly gentle path alongside Carlin Gill where I passed Black Force on the way to The Spout. The exit route from what had now become a steep sided valley was interesting to say the least with a challenging scramble up a scree slope to the open fellside. The real work now began with a climb of nearly 1,000ft to Ulgill Pike. From here it was only a short walk to the high point at Fell Head (2,032ft). There was then a steep descent towards Whin’s End before another climb to Linghaw. From here it was downhill all the way back to the car. My legs were aching well before the end of the walk and I’m clearly not fit enough for this hill walking game.

It was a truly enjoyable and memorable day made all the better by finding a pair of goretex gloves at my parking spot on a remote fellside.


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