Hutton Roof Crags

Thursday 11 April. After yesterday’s Howgill exertions, I felt that something a little easier was called for today. My legs still ache!. A short 7 mile drive took me to the car park on the southern side of a large wooded nature reserve sitting on an area of limestone.

I had no fixed plan in mind as it was largely an open access area. I met a local walker in the car park who advised me on the best route to take. Heading off in a northerly direction I made my way to a trig point. From here I meandered following one of the many paths in a direction that would bring me to the road dividing Hutton Roof Crags from Holmepark Fell & Newbiggin Crags. I then picked up a footpath (Limestone Link) which took me to the small village of Hutton Roof. It was here that I took the picture of the lambs. There were two adult sheep and about a dozen lambs in what appeared to be a “lamb creche”.

A stroll through more access land took me back to the car to complete a 5¾ mile walk with 1,000ft of ascent. Just enough for today as rain was forecast to arrive after lunch.


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