The weather was far better than of late, sunny & 12c but without the nagging chill wind that we’ve had for the last few weeks. This was very much appreciated by the ten of us that undertook the longer walk. Judy, Joe, Helen & Michael went on their own shorter walk.

Our 8½ mile route took us inland on the Norfolk Coastal Path before dropping down towards Titchwell where we had coffee in the restored chalk pit. This was something of a mini nature reserve with a profusion of wild flowers and nest boxes. Our path from Titchwell to the beach was closed as repairs were being undertaken to the sea banks. As it was Sunday, we ignored the signs and pressed on without any problems.

A beach walk took us to a nearby creek where seals had hauled out for a rest. They were more fortunate than the dead Porpoise that we encountered a little further on. Lunch was taken in a sunny spot amongst the dunes just along from the Brancaster golf club. The last leg of our walk was out along the Brancaster boardwalk and back through the village.


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