Sherwood Forest

Bea, Josephine and I travelled north on Easter Monday for an 8.6 mile walk around Sherwood Forest. I had planned this as a Christmas walk but postponed it until now because of the continuing winter weather. The highlight of the walk was a visit to the “Major Oak”. This tree is reputed to be between 800-1,000 years old. It is estimated to weigh 23 tons and has a girth of 33ft. I remember seeing this tree nearly 50 years ago when camping in the area with the Boy Scouts. I’m not sure who is showing the greatest signs of aging, me or the tree?

It was a pleasant stroll through some ancient woodland and we saw a number of Nuthatches along the way. About two-thirds of the way around we came across a couple of women and a man who were out for a walk using a cutting from “The Times” as their guide although the guy did have a map in his bag. They seemed lost and were heading in completely the wrong direction. I gave them a copy of my map with our route marked on it in the hope that they could find their way back to the car park. Who knows, they may still be out there!


One thought on “Sherwood Forest

  1. MrsBoardwell

    When we walked a stretch of Hadrian’s Wall we could not resist taking hundreds of shots of the famous Robin Hood tree. Glad to meet a fellow tree fan 😉
    Greetings from North Wales (no fresh snow since Thursday, yay,…….)


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