The weather first thing this morning was frosty (-4c) with fog and it didn’t look too promising. It was too cold to venture out to the gym, so I messed about on the computer for a while. By 09:30 it was starting to look like a bright sunny day and, totally unplanned, I decided to take myself off to St Ives and Cambridge.

The visit to St Ives was to check out the flooding and to see if it had subsided enough for the walk that I’m leading in 4 weeks time. The flood plains were still under water but, given some dry weather, it should be passable although I’ll have to check it out again nearer to the time. Another reason for going to St Ives was to take the “guided bus” to Cambridge. As I now have a bus pass, this didn’t cost me anything and made for an interesting excursion.

It is half term and the grounds to the Colleges were open to the public so it took the opportunity for a walk around “the backs” and through Kings & Trinity. It developed into a lovely day and I bought myself a picnic lunch from M&S which I ate on a bench whilst basking in the sun.

The pictures were taken on my Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone which I also used to track the route of the guided bus by GPS whilst listening to BBC Radio 2. I later used it to access the Field & Trek website whilst visiting their shop. Smartphones are expensive, but the one device provides so many functions that it is, for me, becoming an essential tool as well as satisfying the “nerd” in me.