Monthly Archives: January 2013


12 walkers and Ben (the dog) turned out for a 9 mile walk from Empingham to Exton and Whitwell, returning along the shore of Rutland Water. Thankfully the snow had melted but this left the ground waterlogged in parts. I hadn’t realised that there were quite so many stiles, one of which was in the middle of a small lake and necessitated some fence climbing to get across.




The pictures and report have been copied from Barry’s Facebook page. Given the weather conditions and the forecast of more snow, I was surprised that 8 members turned out for Barry’s walk around Sandringham. With a better forecast and blue sky’s then I might have been tempted to join them but I wimped out and watched football on TV instead. I hope the weather improves for my walk next Sunday.


Ferry Meadows & Milton Park

The weather has been miserably cold & foggy for the last few days and despite it being -5c it looked like the sun would break through. So, I took myself off to Ferry Meadows for a walk. It’s not too far away and offers a wide variety of routes. I started walking with a particular route in mind but this could easily be altered if it proved to be too cold. I was well wrapped up and opted for my favoured 5½ mile route which would take me under the A47 and into Milton Park. There was more snow on the ground than I had at home in Benwick and with a blue sky this made for great photo opportunities. I hope that you agree.