Causey Pike

We had planned a similar walk to yesterday’s marathon but opted for a little easier climb of Causey Pike (2,020ft). Barry’s achilles tendon was giving him some pain so he decided to turn back before we started the mains climbs. My fourth day in a row also meant that I was feeling a little tired so rather than completing all of the hills, I took the easier option. This meant that I only walked 7 miles with 2,600ft of ascent whilst Linda & Terry did 8 miles with 3,200ft of ascent.

The main climb of about 1,500ft up Rowling End & Causey Pike required some scrambling but we were rewarded by a nice ridge walk along Scar Crags. I waited at the bottom while Linda & Terry went up and down the zig-zags on Sail. I also let them go over Outerside and Stile End while I went around the side. We met up to walk together over Barrow and back to our starting point in Braithwaite.

Visibilty wasn’t great as can be seen in these few pictures.



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