Great Gable

Today’s 5.6 mile walk with 2,400ft of ascent was something of a nostalgia trip for me. It was on this walk many years ago the my nephew and I took a wrong turn and ended up with a £50 taxi ride back to my car at Honister. Last year, whilst doing the Coast to Coast, I was in agony with blisters on the descent to Honister. I’m glad to say that there was no repeat today although my legs were aching from yesterday’s walk.

The climb of 1,000ft from Honister to Grey Knotts was severe but it eased off a little on the way to Brandreth. There then followed another climb of 300ft to Green Gable before dropping down again across Windy Gap before the final climb of 450ft to Great Gable (2,840ft). The route back was considerably easier, although there was a descent of at least 1,600ft.

I’m begining to get worried about the amount of fluid needed on these walks in the unusually hot weather. I’ve taken 2 litres out with me each day and have run out. I think I’ll have to up it to 3 litres. Even more worring is the time that it is taking me to do these walks. It was nearly 6 hours today and tomorrow’s 11 mile walk might not finish before it gets dark!



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