Burrough on the Hill

10 Fenland Ramblers were joined by Steve Horner & Janet Cartwright from the Peterborough group for what turned out to be a very wet & muddy 9 mile walk. The weather wasn’t quite as bad as it might have been with only one 20 period of moderate rain just before lunch. Steve & Janet didn’t want to push on to our designated lunch stop at the church in Little Dalby so they stopped early and arranged to meet us in the village.

When we had finished lunch, we went to look for them but they were no where to be seen. I went back down the route to try to find them and we waited a further 20 minutes before deciding to go on without them. About half a mile later we found a note from Steve saying that they had waited for us but had decided to press on without us. We later caught up with them later and it transpired that there had been a mis-understanding about where we were to meet after lunch.

The two pictures show just how wet it was underfoot. The third picture is taken from my Lake District caravan site. There is a great view down Bassenthawaite Lake with Skiddaw to the left and the summit of Grisdale Pike just showing to the right. In common with the rest of the country, they have had plenty of rain up here and the field where I’m pitched is very soggy. Thankfully, the farmer used one of his smaller tractors to tow my caravan into position and my car is park on the concrete farm yard.



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