The Walpoles

This is a 3 in 1 report. First a couple of pictures from a “surprise” 60th birthday party for Helen. Judy, Joe and I attended as representatives from the Fenland Ramblers. Second, a couple of pictures of poppies in a field near Doddington Hospital. I pass there quite often and just had to stop and take a picture.

Finally, a few pictures from Barry’s “7 mile” walk to Sutton Bridge and around the Walpoles. It turned out to be 10.9 miles; much to the consternation of many taking part. Whilst it was much further than planned, I guess that we were lucky not to get too wet. At one point we had to take cover in a bus shelter whilst a thunder storm passed over. I don’t think that we got the worst of it as there were much blacker clouds and lightning flashes away in the distance and I drove through a real downpour on the way home.



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