The Woottons

Today was an afternoon walk around the Woottons.

??Ten walkers arrived at the village car park near the Church on a very warm afternoon for the?? 5 mile walk. The walk took us along footpaths and a field that would provide winter feed laying out to dry and a lonely sunflower standing tall.?? As we walked we fould a baby hedgehog which we placed in the nearby hedge to keep it from being run over.

We stopped?? for a break at the other church which was open so we took a look inside. We joined the path of the old Hunstanton railway line but noticed the large pool of water. Towards the end of our journey we met up with a lady carrying a 3 month old dog and we all stopped to make a fuss of the dog.

A most enjoyable walk.

I will leave the next reports over the summer to others while I visit my daughter in Leeds and then go to Scout camp in Snowdon



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