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The Walpoles

This is a 3 in 1 report. First a couple of pictures from a “surprise” 60th birthday party for Helen. Judy, Joe and I attended as representatives from the Fenland Ramblers. Second, a couple of pictures of poppies in a field near Doddington Hospital. I pass there quite often and just had to stop and take a picture.

Finally, a few pictures from Barry’s “7 mile” walk to Sutton Bridge and around the Walpoles. It turned out to be 10.9 miles; much to the consternation of many taking part. Whilst it was much further than planned, I guess that we were lucky not to get too wet. At one point we had to take cover in a bus shelter whilst a thunder storm passed over. I don’t think that we got the worst of it as there were much blacker clouds and lightning flashes away in the distance and I drove through a real downpour on the way home.



The Woottons

Today was an afternoon walk around the Woottons.

??Ten walkers arrived at the village car park near the Church on a very warm afternoon for the?? 5 mile walk. The walk took us along footpaths and a field that would provide winter feed laying out to dry and a lonely sunflower standing tall.?? As we walked we fould a baby hedgehog which we placed in the nearby hedge to keep it from being run over.

We stopped?? for a break at the other church which was open so we took a look inside. We joined the path of the old Hunstanton railway line but noticed the large pool of water. Towards the end of our journey we met up with a lady carrying a 3 month old dog and we all stopped to make a fuss of the dog.

A most enjoyable walk.

I will leave the next reports over the summer to others while I visit my daughter in Leeds and then go to Scout camp in Snowdon


Chrome Hill

After 5 days of rain, the sun came out again today (Saturday) so I took myself off to Earl Sterndale for a 4½ mile walk with 1,000ft of ascent. The plan was to walk over both Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill. A new access agreement with the landowner meant that Parkhouse Hill was no longer out of bounds but still remains something of a challenge.

The recent rain had made the path over Chrome Hill slippy and after seeing a couple struggle coming down Parkhouse Hill, I decided to give it a miss and walk around instead of over it.


Gooderstone and Oxborough

The day started dry and 15 members met at the church in Gooderstone for this walk.

It was one that we did in 2010 but in reverse.???? The route took us over road and paths and one rutted waterlogged path with water?? laying in the ruts. At the end of this was a stile in need of pruning. ( see picture) We had the feeling that walkers were not encouraged on this part of the route.

As the day warmed up it was nice to complete it without having to use waterproofs.


Olympic torch


On July the 4th despite the rain a huge crowd visited Sandringham to see the torch.

??Parking was at a premium but we arrived early and my son Oliver and I undertook the yellow route before the flame arrived.

??Coach loads of children visited the gardens with their home made torches to cheer the torch on its way. As the police motor cycle escorts?? arrived the rain stopped and the weather brightened up.

This is as near as I will get to the Olympics.


It turned out to be a dry St Swithin’s day so I thought that I’d better make the most of it on a 9½ mile walk with 1,900ft of ascent starting from Hayfield. The first major climb of about 500ft took me to the top of Lantern Pike. There then followed a few ups and downs before the second major climb of 650ft over Burnt Hill to Mill Hill in the shadow of the Kinder plateau. From here it was all mainly downhill back to Hayfield.


Walking on the Edge

After a day of rain on Friday, I was glad to get out & about again today. My walk was a little over 10 miles with 1,630ft of ascent and started from the car park next to the Robin Hood pub on the road from Chesterfield to Baslow. I headed north in the shadow of Birchen Edge where I encountered some very boggy ground. This made me have a rethink about the next leg of the route and I decided to follow the road for a mile or so before getting back on track and up to White Edge.

The return route took me along Curbar Edge & Baslow Edge before dropping down and back to the car. It was a fair walk but one that I’d alter a little if doing it again.