High Kelling

The start of our walk today was undertaken by 9 members of the Fenland Ramblers.

On arrival the weather was heavy rain, a unanimous decisions was to delay the start until the rain eased. We all stood in the nearby bus shelter looking at a dreary sky. The rain eased off and the walk started but by now it was 11.00

At first we walked beside the road and then through a woods , this was followed by walking around the edge of a number of fields. The grass at the edges was very high and wet, a challenge for everyone to keep their clothes under the waterproofs dry. In the woods we did find a few flowers but most of the time it was negotiating the narrow uncut path on the edge of the field.

Our delayed lunch stop was on some seats for two the rest made use of another bus shelter.

At the end of the walk we would recommend waterproofs and good boots and possibly to be near 7ft tall to fight the tall grass and vegitation if attempting to walk it again or when the crops have been gathered in (see the photos).



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