Moel Eilio

Internet access problems have meant that Wednesday’s walk report has been posted out of order. Karen & I drove to Llanberis for a 6 mile walk with 2,000ft of ascent that included the summits of Moel Eilio (2,380ft), Foel Gron & Foel Goch. To make the going easier we drove ¾ mile out of Llanberis up a ridiculously steep single track road which saved us a climb of about 500ft. I’ve driven along some dodgy country roads but this was by far the worst as I didn’t know if there would be anywhere to turn around when reaching the top. As I lived to tell the tale then you won’t be surprised to learn that there was space to park 2 or 3 cars at the top but I made a 5 point turn a little way short of this.

From our starting point at what seemed half way up a mountain, we had a pull of 1,300ft to reach the summit of Moel Eilio at 2,380ft. We had lunch in the summit shelter before descending 800ft and climbing a further 400ft to reach the summits of Foel Gron & Foel Goch.

From here we had a 2½ miles to go and a further 1,200ft of descent back to the car. The weather had been kind for 3 days but was forecast to become more than unsettled and as I write this on Friday morning there is steady rain falling. I think that I’ll cut the holiday short and come home on Saturday morning.

I’ve been trying to gain some understanding of the Welsh language but fear that it will remain a mystery to me. All I know is the Moel/Foel means bare/bald. If you want to know more than follow this link.



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