The plan for Thursday was to ascend Snowdon via the Pyg track and to descend on the Miner’s track. But, as with the best of plans, it didn’t quite work out that way. To start with I took the wrong path from Pen-y-Pass, so we made our way to the top via the Miner’s track. We completed this in a little over 2.5 hours for the 4 miles and 2,900ft. It was blowing a gale at the top. The new visitor centre/cafe was heaving with people and the view from the oddly shaped windows made both Bea & I feel dizzy.

I think I must have still been tired from yesterday’s walk as I had difficulty keeping pace with Bea on the way up. I had made my mind up before reaching the summit that I didn’t fancy the long slog back down and if there was any chance of jumping on the train, then I would take it. It turned out that there was room for the two of us, albeit at a price of £18 each. So, a somewhat disappointed Bea and a muched relieved me jumped on the train down to Llanberis where we had a coffee before catching the bus back to Capel Curig.

The cloud cover didn’t do much for photography on the day so I’ve added a few from my last visit in 2010.

We’ve had almost 48 hours of constant rain throughout Friday and Saturday so no walking. As I write this at 07:30 on Sunday morning there are light showers but the forecast is for it to get brighter and we may well go and climb Cnicht.



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