Dales Way & The Howgills

Today’s 10 mile walk with 2,800ft of ascent was something of a make it up as you go along sort of route. I had some idea of the route that I wanted to follow but didn’t have a paper map & had to make do with digital mapping & GPS on my mobile phone.

Starting from Sedbergh, I soon picked up part of the Dales Way before heading for the hills. Perhaps the most interesting part of the walk was a Buzzard attack. The bird must have dive-bombed me at least 20 times, coming so close that I could hear a  woosh and the beat of it’s wings.
The excitment over, I then had a climb of 1,400ft in little over a mile to reach the top of the Howgills where I collapsed in a heap to enjoy the sunshine & recover my strength for the last 4 miles or so.

My route back to Sedbergh wasn’t quite as planned but made a change from that which I’d followed before.

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