Malverns Linear Walk

We (I) decided to do something different today and to do a 5 mile linear walk across the tops of the Malvern Hills with 1,200ft of ascent and 1,700ft of descent. I met Bea & Karen at Malvern railway station and then drove in my car to join with Amanda at the British Camp car park close to the Malvern Hills Hotel. This meant that we could start at a point some 500ft higher than that at Malvern station and cut out some of the slog. We crossed a number of minor summits (Black Hill, Pinnacle Hill, Jubilee Hill & Perseverance Hill) before descending to the road at Upper Wyche. There then followed a 500ft climb over Summer Hill to reach the highest point of the Malverns at Worcestershire Beacon (1,395ft). It was on this final climb that we had to contend with a brief hailstorm. We had seen this approaching and, as the wind was behind us, it wasn’t too bad and was over in 10 minutes.

As they say, it was all downhill from here (1,100ft) back to Malvern station where we jumped into Karen’s car for the shuttle back to British Camp to recover Amanda’s car and mine.



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