Bredon Hill

Amanda was feeling unwell today so that just left Bea & me to tackle Bredon Hill. The 7¾ mile walk with 1,200ft of ascent started from Great Comberton. There were a few spots of rain before we set off so it was on with the over trousers and waterproof jacket. Our path took us across fields to Elmley Castle where we stopped for coffee before the climbing started in earnest. There was a 700ft pull ahead of us to reach the top of Bredon Hill. A little over half way into this climb we exited Long Plantation from where we were afforded distant views. Sadly, these were spoiled by the rain showers that were rapidly approaching. We had time though for a final cup of coffee before making for the rather ugly tower at the top of Bredon Hill. It was here where the rains hit us, but only for 15 minutes or so. My camera had long since been hidden away from the elements and the picture of the tower was downloaded from the internet. The limited number of my own photographs is also explained by the mixed weather.

Our descent took us through more woodland; carpeted in places with bluebells. We were lucky enough to see 2 herds of deer, each about 40 in number, whilst out on this walk. After crossing a few more fields, occupied by lambs and their mothers, we were soon back at the cars.



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