North end of the Malverns

The weather pattern this week is becoming all too predictable – RAIN. The only doubt is when it will start. Friday morning dawned bright and sunny so I decided on an early start and had my boots on and walking by 07:30. I thought that I would explore the northern end of the Malverns with no particular route in mind other than heading generally for the highest point at Worcestershire Beacon (1,395ft). A steep climb of about 700ft from just outside the town of Great Malvern quickly saw me on top of North Hill. There is a myriad of paths up here so you can wander at will. A few ups and downs and I was then on the push to Worcestershire Beacon.

Even at this early hour, there were a few other walkers about. There was a strong cold wind blowing and it was hat & gloves weather. The return route was largely downhill, contouring around the side of North Hill and back to the car. I’d finished my 4 mile walk with 1,400ft of ascent by 09:40 and headed back to the caravan for a welcome cup of tea. Almost on cue and at the stroke of 11 o’clock there was an almighty cloudburst with hail and thunder. This gave me a feeling of self-satisfaction having had my exercise without getting a soaking.



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