Rain Rain Rain

An inaccurate weather forecast for yesterday (Tuesday) meant that I missed a walking opportunity, although there was a strong wind blowing with just a few brief afternoon showers. The forecast for the rest of this week isn’t much better and as I’m writing this (early Wednesday afternoon) it is pouring with raining and no signs of it stopping any time soon.

So, it was a wet weather programme for this morning with a tour of the Morgan car factory (??10). It was a most informative visit where all of the cars are hand-built; based on a metal chassis with an Ash frame to which the body panels are mounted. The production process hasn’t changed in over 50 years resulting in a quintessentially British sports car. The top of the range Aero costs ??127,000 with the 3-wheeler coming in at about ??30,000. Maybe if I win the lottery then I could afford one of them, but they are made to order with a waiting list of at least 6 months.

The weather for tomorrow (Thursday) doesn’t look that great and I might just have to drag myself off to Cadbury World!



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