Helm Crag & Far Easdale

I’ve wanted to do Helm Crag for some time and as today was forecast to be the last in the current spell of warm weather, then there was no better opportunity. My outward leg from Grasmere to Far Easdale is the alternative high level route on the Coast to Coast. I opted not to do it last year but to take the lower level valley bottom route which is the way I came today on my homeward leg. Car parking in Grasmere is extortionate at ??7 for over 4 hours so I parked for free in a lay-by on the A591 just 5 minutes walk out of the village.

There was low cloud when I arrived in Grasmere at just after 10:00, so I went for a cooked breakfast in a local caf??. An excellent start to the day and by the time that I left Grasmere at about 11:00 the sun was out, the cloud had gone and it was another wonderful day. My walk was 8?? miles with 2,250ft of ascent. The climb to Helm Crag is very popular despite it being 1,000ft to the top. Most visitors then turn round and go back the way they came to the village of Grasmere. Those, like me, looking for a more challenging walk continue along the ridge with many ups and down on the way to Far Easdale. At the far end of the ridge the path drops down to the valley bottom to follow the route of Far Easdale Gill back towards Grasmere. I did this valley bottom section of the walk last year on my C2C and it is a real ankle breaker. Not pleasant but the only way back. I had considered a diversion to Easdale Tarn but after 4 hard days walking I was happy to stick with the planned route.



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