My plan for today was to do a 7?? mile walk from the village of Caldbeck on the north eastern edge of the Lake District. My reason for choosing this walk was that it included part of the route of the Cumbria Way (Carlisle to Ulverston). I did the whole 85 miles of this long distance path many years ago so it would be good to see if I could remember any of it. The temperature continues to drop – only 10c today but with clear blue skies and a chilly wind.

I was conscious that I needed to find some fuel for the drive home so after passing through Hesket Newmarket, I decided to cut the walk short at 4 miles & 600ft of ascent and go and hunt for some diesel. I needn’t have worried as there were no queues or fuel shortages at the first petrol station that I visited.

After 6 dry days with clear skies, it seems as if the weather is going downhill rapidly with rain forecast for tomorrow and snow for the day after. So, it’ll be an early departure for me tomorrow as I head home before the worst of the weather arrives.



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