Place Fell – eventually!

My plan for today was to do a walk from the remote location of Mardale Head at the far end of Haweswater. Access is via narrow country roads so I set up my sat nav to take me there. I thought that Mondays drive to the Lakes was the journey from hell but today beat it by far. My sat nav took me to completely the wrong place and some 3 or 4 miles down a farm access road only just wide enough for my car with stone walls on either side. The road was a dead end finishing in a farm yard where I had no option but to turn around and go back the way I had come. My faith in sat nav completely destroyed, it was back to a road map and general sense of direction which eventually saw me on the correct road to Haweswater. I thought that it couldn’t get worse but it did! The road alongside Haweswater to Mardale Head was closed for the installation of a mains water supply to a local hotel and I had no option but to abandon all thoughts of doing the planned walk.

My fall back position was to head to Patterdale and do a 7½ mile walk with 2,500ft of ascent over Place Fell. The first part of this route was familiar to me as it was along the Coast to Coast route that I did last year. On reaching Boredale Hause I left the C2C route and headed north for the summit of Place Fell at 2,150ft. From here it was largely downhill to the shores of Ullswater and back to Patterdale.



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