Journey from Hell

As I was driving north this morning on my way to Keswick I saw a car that had hit the central reservation barrier of the A1 near Wittering and had blocked the south-bound carriageway. I thought lucky me as I passed a long queue of south-bound traffic and continued on my way north. Little did I know that the north-bound carriageway was also blocked between Leeming Bar & Catterick due to a lorry carrying straw having caught fire. The only way forward was to get off the A1 and detour either west or east. I chose the later as it seemed like the better route but it took an age to crawl around/through Northallerton and back onto the A1. The queueing on the A1 and a 14 mile detour added almost 2 hours to my journey which took me nearly 6?? hours to do 244 miles. The A1 north won’t be re-opened until 18:30!!?? I’m glad that I’ll be on foot from tomorrow and won’t encounter similar problems on the fells.

The caravan club site at Troutbeck Head near Keswick where I’m staying doesn’t have wi-fi so I’m relying on my Vodafone dongle for internet connection. Blog updates may be problematical??


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