Chatsworth Estate

I had thought that my first walk of this holiday might be a little more challenging but the early morning weather made me have a change of mind. There was a strong wind blowing and low cloud, so, instead of heading for the hills, I opted for something less high. My drive to the Carlton Lees car park on the edge of the Chatsworth Estate wasn’t very promising with even more low cloud and rain. However, my alternative plan began to take shape as Carlton Lees had better weather – dry but still overcast.

The 6?? mile walk started with a 600ft climb which soon warmed me up and had me removing my coat before reaching the summit at just less than 1,000ft. At this point the wind was still quite cool so it was back on with the coat. My route took me through the woods and past the lakes at the back of Chatsworth House where I came across the local fox hunt. Oddly, this was near to the Hunting Tower which stands on the hillside just above Chatsworth House. The house seemed to be closed for external repairs so it was quickly on to the banks of the River Derwent and back to the car. On the drive back, I could see that Mam Tor and Lose Hill were still shrouded in low cloud reinforcing my choice of a lower level walk.



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