Winter Wonderland

Some people might think me mad when they learn that I went for a walk with the temperature at -13c. Well, I think these pictures will prove them wrong as it turned out to be one of the best walks that I’ve done for quite some while. I joined the Huntingdon group today for their 6½ mile walk from Broughton. Whilst the thermometer might have indicated extreme cold, it really wasn’t that bad and I spent most of the walks not wearing gloves as I was too warm. The early morning mist soon lifted and it became a beautiful day. The blue sky and sunshine only served to enhance the wonderfully snowy scenery. The big surprise of the walk was a huge sculpture of a fox made from straw and chicken wire. That’s me stood at its feet in order to give some idea of scale. We think that it was created as party of the Secret Garden Party music festival held last summer at Abbott’s Ripton. The good news was that the temperature had risen to the dizzy heights of -5c when we finished the walk at about 13:30.



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