My son Oliver and I travelled to Malham youth hostel on Friday 2nd September to meet up with my daughter Amanda for a " family get together " for the team going to Nepal in November for research at high altitude

Although we arrived on Friday to dry and sunny weather we awoke on Saturday to light rain. There was a selection of walks available but most opted for Malham Cove via Janet's Cave and Gordale Scar. The group setting off was about 20 or so but some did not tackle Gordale Scar and went the easier route to the Tarn.

Those of us who tackled the scramble were helped by the team to guide us on foot holds and hand holds after we had waited for a family to haul up on harness and rope a spaniel who did not want to try but was happy once at the top.

The rain persisted on and off for most of the walk making negotiating the limestone pavement tricky with driving drizzle and slippery surfaces especially those of us wearing glasses.

The walk did take 6 hours but we did make stops for food breaks and to allow every one to catch up.

Wayne and I did part of the walk last year but did not tackle the scramble and it was a warm dry day



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