Buckden Pike

Today’s walk was a good illustration of how different the weather can be in the valley bottom compared to that on the tops. In Buckden village (780ft) it was breezy but not too cold; at Buckden Pike (2,300ft) it was blowing a gale and must have been 10 degrees colder. The walk was only 6 miles but totalled 2,000ft of ascent, the first 1,500ft of which were in the first 1?? miles and it certainly was a slog. This was compensated for to some extent by the attractiveness of the route alongside Buckden Beck which included numerous waterfalls and a couple of interesting scrambles. The last 600ft of the climb to the Pike was on open fellside and it was here that the wind and cold could be felt to full effect. So much so that I had every piece of clothing on that I had in my bag; jackets zipped to the collar, hood up and gloves on. Needless to say, I didn’t hang around at the top, just time for a couple of quick photos and I was on my way. There then followed a steady descent to just above Starbotton where I then turned north along the upper reaches of the Wharfe valley and back to Buckden.



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