Embsay Moor

My plan today was to do a 9.3 mile circuit of Embsay Moor which forms part of the shooting grounds owned by the Duke of Devonshire. To be fair to the Estate, they have given permissive access to the whole of the moor but at the access point there was a notice from the Yorkshire Dales National Park advising that it was closed until 1 Sep for grouse shooting. Just as I was reading the notice a local came along and advised me that whilst the moor might be closed to walkers, they couldn’t stop access so long as I was on a PROW. Reassured, I continued on a steepish climb up to the moor at around about 1400ft. It was warm work on the climb but there was a very cold wind blowing at the top and I soon put my jacket back on. The weather on the way up was sunny but from the top, I could see rain clouds approaching from the west. I didn’t really fancy a soaking so when an opportunity arose to cut the walk short, I took it. Shortly after, the rains came and I stopped to put on over-trousers. As is often the way, no sooner had I got them on than the rain stopped. Back at the car some 900ft below it had remained completely dry. The curtailed walk turned out to be 5½ miles with 980ft of ascent. It was so cold on the summit of Embsay Moor that I called into Skipton on the way back to buy a small vacuum flask for use on the rest of the holiday.

p.s. Steady rain started to fall at 14:00 so perhaps it was a good idea to cut this walk short.



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