Coldberry Gutter

An odd title for today’s 8?? mile walk with 1430ft of ascent. The Coldberry part comes from the name of the local moor and the Gutter refers to a huge valley gauged out of the hillside by lead miners. We had seen this peculiar geographical feature whilst on our walk yesterday and I just had to take a closer look. Starting from Middleton-in-Teesdale we had a steady climb through woods and across farmland to the eastern end of the Gutter. As there were no signposts or marked footpaths, it was something of a “discovery walk” topping out at the trig point (1730ft). We then resumed our walk through the Gutter where the wind was being funnelled through this artificial valley and must have been blowing at 30 or 40 mph. This was short lived as we emerged from the western end of the Gutter to the wide open space of upper Teesdale. We descended to the village of Newbiggin where we crossed the river for a walk in the sunshine back to the cars.



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