Monthly Archives: June 2011

Fakenham Town Walk

On a hot Sunday morning ten walkers took part in the town walk.

Along our way we encountered several dog walkers some twice as they met us again near the end of the walk.

As it was so hot we stopped at places where shelter could be found including?? under the bridge over the old railway line.

The grasses were almost as tall as us as can be seen in the photos. Walking on the road and town paths were very draining on a day when temperatures reached 25 degrees

We ended the walk at the garden centre where we met up with Karen and Barry.



GDE – another view!

Bruce Ferguson has sent me 64 photographs that he took on the recent walk at Gedney Drove End. I suspect that he took far more, but has distilled them down to what he felt were the best. I’ve further reduced them to my favourite 15. Bruce is an accomplished photographer with high end equipment and the skills to match as you can see for yourself. Thanks Bruce.


Hunstanton Park

I met Hilary today at her flat and we then walked together into Hunstanton to meet with John Buck and to see if any other ramblers would join our walk? On what was a beautifully sunny day, it turned out that there was just the 3 of us. The tide was out so we decided to walk along the beach beneath the spectacular cliffs and then across the dunes into the back of Old Hunstanton. From here we did a circuit of Hunstanton Park, stopping to look at the Hall before making our way back into town. This extended walk from Hilary’s turned out to be marginally over 7 miles.