Studland Bay

Today was supposed to be a relaxing stroll along the beach from Studland to the ferry terminal at Shell Bay with a short crossing over to Sandbanks. This is either the first or last 2?? miles of the SWCP and I guess that I can say that I both completed and started this long distance path on the same day. My idea of an easy walk was quickly dispelled when I discovered that the tide was in and most of the walk was on soft sand – not the easiest for walking on. Added to this, I wore sandals instead of shoes or boots and the sand was rubbing between the bed of the sandals and the soles of my feet – very abrasive.

I tried a different route on the way back, amongst the sand dunes but this was no better.

Part of this beach is set aside for Naturists (Exhibitionists!!) I wonder why almost all of them are men??? If they really feel the need to bare all, then why can’t they do it somewhere away from the public gaze?



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