Hunstanton Park

The afternoon walk saw 4 Fenland ramblers and one from the Cambridge group head off from the information centre along the cliff top, walking to Old Hunstanton on a blustery afternoon.

As we went down to the beach you could see the white caps as the wind blew in from the sea. A few hardy soles were kite surfing but we left them to their sport and continued the walk.

We left the beach and when passing between the beach huts we could see evidence of vandalism in some burnt out beach huts, 

Our route took us past the old school and the Church of St Mary where research had been done on the deaths of two customs officers in 1784.

We then headed for the park and a view from the outside of the residence of the landowners the Le Strange family.( Possibly now flats) From the picture taken from the gates you could see several courtyards as we looked down the path. As we walked through the park we had a light shower but it quickly dried up.

An unusual glimpse of Old Hunstanton ..



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