Mannington Hall Bluebell walk

The early morning started off with some heavy showers and it looked like this would be the weather for the walk, but by nine, as we all met up in Wisbech, the sun was out and it had stopped raining.

Finding our way to Mannington Hall 11 ramblers set off with the sun getting hotter as the day went by. As we set off we found some bluebells so we should still be able to see them.(first picture).

The path took us through some quite wooded ares along well defined paths. We did find a small area which was spongy but there had been sticks laid across the path which did help.We walked in a field that had some mothers and lambs in..

As we reached the bluebells in the wood it was a good stopping place for a drink but some did eat part of their lunch here with the scent of the bluebells and peace and quiet.

We continued the walk and came across a different type of style which looked like walking the plank and once we were all safely over we continued on our way.

The path did cross a small stream and a hand of help was offered by the group leader Brian to see us safely across – thank you.

Not far now but we did get a second stop in to finish our lunch ( if you had any left.) The walk was extended, but only to make it a good standard length of walk.

We returned to the car park and as usual we found the tea rooms open  and enjoyed a proper sit down and a drink of tea.

A lovely walk but very hot.



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