Over the Hill & Red Nose Day

When I say over the hill, I mean the walk and not me! As for Red Nose Day, I think that it is self-evident from the photo. I seem to have developed an allergic reaction to the sun. This first became evident about 6 or 7 years ago whilst on holiday in Italy. At the first sign of sun either my forehead or nose becomes excessively red and breaks out in weeping sores. I don’t know what I can do about it but putting some sunscreen on might help? The weather these last few days has been unseasonably hot and caught me out.

Returning to the over the hill comment: my previous walks on the Malvern Hills have all started at Great Malvern on the eastern side of the range. By way of a change, I decided to explore the western side with a walk starting from Colwall Stone railway station. This would allow me to do a linear walk and to catch the train back from Great Malvern. From Colwell I climbed the flanks of the Malverns and headed in a generally southerly direction to Hangman’s Hill, just beyond British Camp. From here I turned north to walk to Herefordshire Beacon – the summit of British Camp at 1,100ft. There was a steep descent to Wynds Point where I had a bacon sandwich and a pot of tea in the Malvern Hills Hotel. Suitably refreshed, I then went on to tackle the ups and downs of the Malverns; culminating at Worcestershire Beacon (1,400ft). From here it was all down hill via St Anne’s Well into Great Malvern to catch the train back to Colwell. It had taken me 5 hours to complete the walk and a 5 minute train ride to get back to my starting point. Being a linear walk, the statistics look a little odd but it worked out at just under 9 miles with 2,580ft of ups and 2,740ft of downs. By far the most strenuous walk of the holiday.




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