Cleeve Hill & Belas Knap

The day started on a bad note. Whilst driving through the narrow streets of Whinchcombe I clipped wings mirrors with a stupid old lady driving the opposite way. Not my fault – of course – but thankfully the wing mirror folded backwards and although the glass had popped out, it was easily pressed back into place. A near miss on what could have been an expensive accident.

Now to the walking. I had a new walking companion today; Stewart Wylie who I see out with the Peterborough Thursday Strollers. He is cat sitting for his daughter at nearby Painswick so it was a good opportunity for us to undertake a few more taxing walks together. Today’s walk up Cleeve Hill and on to Belas Knap was supposed to be 8 miles but the weather was so good that we made an unplanned circuit of Cleeve Common which extended it to 9.6 miles with 1,640ft of ascent. Quite enough for one day but we have a 10 miler planned for tomorrow! As with most of the walks on this holiday the views from the hill tops were great as can be seen from the first picture of Cheltenham racecourse. There was a fair breeze blowing on Cleeve Common and the kite-board surfers were taking full advantage of it.



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