Elmley Castle & Bredon Hill

Today’s walk was slightly less taxing at a little over 6 miles and only 800ft of ascent. We started from the village of Elmley Castle (240ft) near Evesham to climb to the top of Bredon Hill at 950ft. As ever, the day started with a steady climb to the Bredon plateau at about 800ft. With most of the day’s climbing quickly behind us, we had a more leisurely walk to the summit of Bredon Hill from where we could see Cleeve Hill to the south and the Malvern Hills to the west. The walk back to Elmley Castle was mainly downhill and I took a couple of pictures of wild flowers. This week has been a series of firsts. The first sighting of Swallows, the first Bluebells and the first outing in shorts and milk white legs. The first sunburn, topped up nicely again today.


The day ended on a low as I stopped off at Morrisons near Evesham on my way home. Getting out of the car, I quickly realised that I couldn’t lock it nor could I open the boot. I jumped back in and turned the ignition on only to find that nothing happened. There were no lights on the dashboard and the car wouldn’t start. My diagnosis was a flat battery and I needed help. My mobile phone was in the locked boot but at least I could drop the back seat to gain access to it. A call to Ford Assist quickly reassured me that a man from the AA would be with me in about an hour. 90 minutes later my rescuer arrived and tried to jump start the car. Again nothing happened. Closer examination revealed that the nut securing the lead to the battery terminal hadn’t been securely fastened and had become detached – hence the lack of electricity!  A quick turn of a spanner and the problem was fixed. The man from the AA checked the charge level of the battery which was fine at 12.5 volts and it was charging at 14.5 volts – all quite normal. As a parting gesture the AA mechanic input the code to my radio which needed doing after having the battery disconnected. He was indeed “a very very nice man!”



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