Broadway catch-up

Well, I’m away on the first caravanning holiday of the season at Broadway in the Cotswolds. It’s a place that I’ve visited before and have brought the group to in the past for a weekend away. I’m joined for the first week of the holiday by Barry & Karen who are staying in a “Lodge” – a posh caravan park home – on the Camping & Caravan Club site near Winchcombe, about 8 miles from me.  It is certainly a step up from their tent and at £250 for the week is excellent value. Barry has been given a 6 week break from his chemotherapy so the pair of them are taking the opportunity to get away for a while


We went on a 7 mile, 1,000ft of ascent, walk from Stanton yesterday. It was undertaken at leisurely pace with 3 or 4 stops on the main climb of the day which was about 600ft up a steepish hill to join the Cotswold Way. I’d completely forgotten about writing up this blog so didn’t take any pictures of my own, which is a pity as Stanton is one of the prettiest villages in the Cotswolds. I’ll see if I can borrow the SD card from Karen’s camera and upload a few of her pictures.


As seems the norm when I’m away, I’m experiencing a few IT problems. My Vodafone dongle can’t connect so I’ve had to pay £5 for 5 hours internet access using the Caravan Clubs wi-fi service. Expensive, but needs must. I feel totally lost without access to the internet. Worse still, I had the usual problems in aligning my satellite dish and after many efforts eventually managed to get a signal strong enough to access Sky Sports and some other stations but not BBC1 & BBC2. Luckily, my TV set has a built is Freeview tuner and I’m able to get a full range of free-to-air stations through that.


Today has started overcast, showery & windy. We had planned to go to Bourton-on-the-Water, but in view of the inclement weather, have decided to review this again at 10:30 with the possibility of a later start or an afternoon walk.


As I don’t have any external pictures to show you, I thought that I’d upload some views from my caravan. They were taken when my camera was cold (it had been in the car boot) so the middle one looks a little misty.


More tomorrow and for the remainder of the holiday.



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