Today’s walk was a relatively easy 6 miles with 400ft of ascent from Bourton-on-the-Water and visiting Lower & Upper Slaughter. I should have known that parking at the honeypot village of Bourton-on-the-Water would have been expensive but £5.50 for 5 hours can only be said to be extortionate. It would have been far better to have parked for free at one of the Slaughters. Somewhat lighter in the pocket, we set off for what was to be an enjoyable and scenic walk. The noon start saw the back of the early morning showers but there remained a cool wind. Approaching Lower Slaughter we could hear the noise of a helicopter warming up and I just had time to take out my camera to catch its departure from the lawn of a local hotel. Lunch was taken in the quiet village of Upper Slaughter after which we walked alongside the River Windrush back to Bourton which by now was busy with the usual coach loads of tourist. Many of them were Japanese and wore their stupid surgical style facemasks. I don’t know what they thought they might catch – a cold at worst!!



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