Monthly Archives: February 2011

Spaceship in Daylight


Having given you a night-time picture of the alien craft, I though that I should show you what it looked like in daylight. I’m glad that I took this picture in the early morning as it had disappeared when I returned home from my walk with the Huntingdon Ramblers.


The Martians have landed!!


I took this picture from a bedroom window looking across the fields at the back of my house where there were two strange glowing lights. It looks like the Martians have landed. The real explanation is that it looks like one of my neighbours is having a party. This afternoon they were busy erecting a couple of inflatable structures that resembled a cross between an igloo and an aircraft hanger. I suppose that it is the modern equivalent of a large canvas tent which will probably house a disco. I hope that the music isn’t too loud.  

Barnack Walk

Despite heavy rain being forecast 12 ramblers undertook the walk today.

Sue gave us a little bit of history of the route and the type of soil we would be walking along today and as we went gave us more information about some of the sights.
Which was very interesting.

The walk was mostly on permitted paths including a part of the Torpel Way and a small amount on roads as we went through the villages.We saw more snowdrops today and the odd crocus and daffodils. The rain did not materialise but it was breezy.

On part of the walk we met up with the Peterborough bus walkers going in the other direction.


The Foolishness of Youth


I found this picture whilst preparing to decorate my lounge.  It was taken on a “Boys” holiday in Great Yarmouth at age 19.  It was one of those never to forget holidays, but for all the wrong reasons.  We decided that we would go to see “Christie” who recorded the hit record “Yellow River” which reached #1 in June 1970. Well, as it turned out, we went to the local theatre to see the group but I got so drunk on double rum & coke that I collapsed in a heap and had to be carried out before Christie came on stage.  I spent the next 3 days recovering with my worst ever hangover and have never touched rum since.  I should add that I’m the good looking one in the middle without a glass in my hand. If only it had stayed that way!!