Folksworth and Lutton Circular

Today we started at the duck pond, not at the start of the 15 mile road race where 500 entrants took part.  We set off out of the village and the 12 walkers quickly encountered muddy paths and a steep step up over a stile. The views in the winter were poor and there was a cooling breeze. After about an hours walking we stopped for a warming drink.From here 10 walkers continued the rest of the walk and two turned back due to the distance still to be walked and this was the only point to undertake a shorter walk.

Judy and myself then tried a different route back but we made the decision to retrace our route back to the road and then return to the village along the road taking a short cut across the footpath leading back to the village.  We were entertained as we walked on the right side of the road by the road runners on the left, lots of legs to see ( brr).  As we walked back to the village we did find some interesting thatched cottages.  I liked the birds on the roof of the first ones very quiet.

When we all met up again by the cars the ten who completed the full walk commented that the going was extreamly muddy ( they needed to clean the heavy mudd off the boots twice) and was further than the 7 miles posted.



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