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Freezing Fring

Perhaps the sub-zero overnight temperatures had something to do with the fact that only Hilary, Joe and me (Brian) turned out for today’s walk at Fring.  Thankfully we didn’t get the snow that had closed Heathrow & Gatwick airports and the road conditions on the drive to Fring were good.  The sunshine just managed to raise the temperature to a positive figure although my ears tingled when exposed to the wind-chill on the more open sections of the walk.  Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable walk on a brisk winter’s day followed by tea at Hilary’s.



Boston walk

Due to the recent cold spell only five braved the walk .

The path at the start was very icy and we all decided to make it a shorter walk returning through the housing estate to avoid the very icy path by the river.( picture 6).There were some interesting views along the river but a pity that the ice was still around.

??On our return we found some reindeer as part of the Christmas market .