Monthly Archives: November 2010

Sedgeford Walk

Today started misty and chilly with 12 walkers undertaking the walk from Sedgeford Church to walk part of The Pedders Way Path.

The route started by walking along quiet roads to join the National footpath where there were signs of activity from moles in the field beside our track. The views were not as clear today with the low lying mist and no sunshine. After an hour of walking we had a drinks stop amongst the trees .

There was no wind but it remained chilly throughout the walk. We heard a loud noise coming from the sky and this turned out to be circling geese which sounded like the buzzing of bees.

Due to the wet weather in previous days the paths in some places were muddy and rutted where tractors had been driven. After the muddy lanes, we returned by the leafy lane at the side of the church and back to our cars.



Brian’s Airkix Experience

I thought that I would share with you a few pictures from my Airkix experience yesterday at Milton Keynes. The true cost of this was ??54 but I bought it using Tesco vouchers so, in theory, it was free.?? Not sure that I would want to pay the full price for 2 x 1 minute flights.?? The pictures are proofs with overlayed watermarks.?? To download the pictures costs ??4.99 each – too much!


AGM walk Ferry Meadows

As we left Wisbech the sky was dark and rain looked threatening but on arrival at The Country Park, although waterproofs  had been donned by the group, it stayed fine and the sun shone. A new member (Anne) joined us today.

The walk was around Ferry Meadows and into Alwaton where a sign at the old school informed us that Henry Royce had been born in the village.

The winds of the previous week had brought down lots of the leaves but some colours can be seen in the pictures.  We stopped at Alwalton weir for a drinks stop and watched a narrow boat moving from the lower level of the river to the upper level. As we left a group of about 8 boats were moving up river in a queue after the firework display the evening before.

As we approached the bridge, almost at journey’s end, the sky had darkened and rain was threatening but we made it back ready for the group’s Annual General Meeting.

After the AGM, as we left the park, I took a photo of the carved tree at the enterance. Does it compare with the one seen on the walk of a few weeks ago at North Pickerham?