Home Hale walk

Once again 13 members took park in this autumnal walk in Norfolk.

Although the program said it would possibly be along muddy  paths they were much better than last week.

The weather stayed dry but there was some moisture in the air. After we left the car park we walked along the edge of a field that had several horse prints in the soft grass but then crossed the road and walked under the bridge as seen in Muriel’s picture ( all with an a after the number were taken by her.)

We walked to Ashill  and saw the ducks on the green and in the village pond. they were also depicted on the village sign. We stopped here for a drink and the ducks gathered searching for food. We were soon on our way again walking along the Pedders Way path. The autumn colours were clearly visible on this walk. We had a quick visit to the church that had a lottery grant to improve it from being hidden under ivy in a derelict condition.

As we continued our walk across one of the fields a horse joined us and walked with us ( maybe making sure we left  or did we need a lift.) We came into the village after this and had a quick inspection of the huge wood carving there and had to see what it represented. ( see pictures 22 and 23).

Lunch stop today was St Andrew’s Church North Pickenham where some of us sat just inside the door of the church , the main door was locked. It did make a change from sitting on the grass.

After lunch we contined along footpaths around the edge of fields and back to the start.



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