Aldwincle, Wadenhoe and Achurch

Four members of the group met at the car park and travelled to Aldwincle where we were joined by ten more although one dropped out with an injured ankle just after the start so 13 made the full trip.

The path followed well defined grass paths although some areas were muddy and slippery and care was needed when crossing over wet wooden stiles and bridges.

The start  of the walk although sunny had a cold northerly wind. Most of the walkers made the walk in waterproof trousers or gaiters which were definitely needed at times.

A most enjoyable walk completed before the rain came.



2 thoughts on “Aldwincle, Wadenhoe and Achurch

  1. Helen

    Hi Brian<br><br>Can I register a second email as I keep forgetting to alter it on the new computer it is <a href=""></a> although both emails come to me.<br><br>hope the churches have the correct titles.?


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