Brancaster and Burnham Deepdale

Today consisted of two walks. 11 participants joined each walk but only a few did both  walks.
The morning walk started from Brancaster Staithe travelling along the road towards The Common in warm weather. Before entering The Common we had a short pause to admire the view of the coast and some removed an outer garment as it was warming up.

The walk continued off road  for most of the route but we were disappointed to find that the walk back to Brancaster had to be made along the main footpath as the coastal path was still closed in that section for repairs and improvements.

Along the route we found several mushrooms but did not try them and where we took our drinks stop the logs had lichens growing on the logs.

The second walk started from slightly further east at Burnham Deepdale and was mostly on paths beside fields to Burnham Norton and then back on the coastal path to the start followed by a cup of tea.

The surprisingly good weather also brought other walkers on our route but mostly completing it in reverse.



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