Monyash & Deepdale


For once the weather forecast for today proved to be correct with heavy rain from around noon. With this in mind I made an early start to recce a potential post-Christmas walk starting from Monyash near Bakewell. I started walking at around 09:00 and 45 minutes later came to potential coffee stop at the now disused Magpie Mine. From here I passed through the village of Shelton before going on to a potential lunch time stop at the car park/toilets that we had used for our Monsal walk at the weekend. Needless to say, I stopped at neither of the potential rest spots and pressed on almost to the top of Deepdale before taking a 5 minute break. The weather was starting to close in by now with a steady drizzle and I therefore decided to take a short cut rather than completing the intended route of 8 miles. My shorter 7 mile walk with 1,000ft of ascent was completed by noon and the weather steadily got worse from then on. I’m glad to say that I was able to take refuge in the Old Smithy Caf?? in Monyash before returning to the caravan to write this blog.


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